About Us

Being a comprehensive insurance one-stop centre, our client rely on us to provide them with the following services:
1) advices provided by a team of knowledgeable professionals on their insurance needs
2) Access to all the insurance companies in Singapore through us to place a full range of property and casualty products at competitive rates
3) Peace of mind knowing you are dealing with a strong and stable partner
4) Ability to provide you with choices to suit your insurance and risk management needs
5) Dedicated claims support when you need it most
6) International insurance solutions for multinational corporations
7) Constant desire to provide better services through innovative uses of technology.

Tommy Chew is the member of FPAS and he has obtain AFP, APWP to assist the financial planning for the client. He is leading a unit of 8 members. The Agency is name after his Chinese Name 诚 心. It mean sincere towards doing business.

He started with District Director Jonathan Neo as a financial consultant in 2006 and appointed as associate agency manger in 2008 and become associate manager in 2011. We are part of professional Organisation, Lead Group .Lead Group is top 10 percent in the industry with a Pinnacle District Title. Lead Group is a growing financial organisation in Singapore.

We are specialized in Personal and General Insurance in Singapore and Malaysia. Our unit was established, licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore to conduct insurance business in Singapore. We are dynamic, customer-focused organization and are driven by a passion for delivering value, service and integrity to our clients. Our team includes esteemed individuals in the industry and experienced advisors. The company focuses on local businesses and engages in global risks placements for clients that are expanding overseas.

Tommychew.com was setup to facilitate client enquires about their plan and also to let the market to under about us. We also introduce our strength and services in the website so that our existing client and new client to know what we are doing.

Our Agency market life insurance, Term Insurance, Local medical insurance, Expatriate Medical Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance, Critical illness insurance and woman critical illness insurance. We focus on helping client in Human Resource Department to setup a welfare system for their working force to boost the spirits in the company. We have group insurance package like group term life insurance, Hospital and surgical insurance, group fleet vehicles and travel package. Not only this we also provide the basis regulatory insurance like workman Compensation and foreign Medical insurance for the company range from 1 staffs to 2000 staffs.

We have a department incharge of the cargo insurance and advise the exporter on the liability the company carry while shipping the cargo oversea. We are working with local shipper and oversea shipper in providing a better service with a better rate. We have client range from shipment of 1 million to 100 million per year. We are the specialized team in this niche cargo insurance market. We provide advised on Cargo insurance which happened oversea and thus help to buffer the claim problem in oversea market which resulted due to cultural and legal issue. We are still expanding to have more knowledge in the different country and growing to be the most efficient cargo provider in Singapore Market.

We have another department incharge of the Car insurance in Singapore. We have provided advised for car accident that happen oversea and assist in client to work with our oversea workshop and thus reduce unnecessary hassles and stress occurred in Malaysia. We treat our client with sincerity and Honesty. We believe in providing in the best service through our ever improving knowledge with the market.

Consultant is always upgrading to fulfill the need of the changing market. We do our best to assist the clients from claiming insurance from the company. For complicated estate planning, we will work with Will specialist to assist in the planning and helping the claim to pay out fast to the love one. We believe in protecting the dream of our client. We provide claim advised and provide the update of the claim to our customer after the settlement is done.

Believe in us and protect your dream.