• We provide a comprehensive planning for our corporate and personal client. When a mishap happened, our client is able to claim from the insurer.
  • We will provide claim advise on how to claim and which plan to claim so that it will reduce the delay in the claim process.
  • We will follow up on the claim and update you accordingly
  • We will handle the question raised and delay between the insurer and hospital and the client tide schedule. As insurer and hospital are make up of a lot of department and it handle by human and thus there will be a lot of problem occurred .For Example, new staff give a wrong advise and create more paperwork or trip to collect the item. Our job here is to reduce the problem and increase the productivity.
  • We believe in providing a quality service to our client and client could focus on their core business

Our Promise to our Client:

  • 诚 心 对 人 We treat Our customer with sincerity
  • 诚 意 对 事 We treat Our Customer with Diligent.
  • 尽 我 本 奋 We will do our best to fulfill your need.
  • 努 力 取 进 We will do upgrade to improve our knowledge.
  • 日 新 月 异 We will change along with the changes in the market.