MISSION: We believe in protecting one’s dream and save life. OUR SUMMARY SERVICES Financial Health Review and Advice

  • General Planning (eg: Basic Financial Planning, SRS, CPF, CASH)
  • Risk Management(eg: Life Insurance, Term Insurance, Medical insurance, Personal Accident Insurance, Critical illness Insurance)
  • Estate Planning (eg: Nomination, Will Writing)
  • Investment Planning(eg: ILP-Single and Regular)
  • Business Keyman Planning

Marketing of General Insurance

  • Cargo Insurance( Eg: Global Insurance, Adhoc/Open/annual Insurance)
  • Motor Insurance(Personal and Commercial)
  • Fire Insurance (Commercial and Personal)
  • Workman Compensation/ Foreign Medical Insurance
  • Public Liability
  • Corporate Group Welfare Insurance

Additional Services Personal: Consolidated all the personal insurance for client. (Will assist the family to do claim easier in the future and also to do planning easier) Company: Consolidated all the welfare plan for the company and implement the welfare system with the company.